Griffith, Indiana Churches
In alphabetical order
Name Street Address * Phone
Abundant Life Tabernacle 704 N. Oakwood (219) 838-7074
Calvary Pentecostal UPC 231 N. Broad Street (219) 313-3965
Church of Christ 344 N. Griffith Blvd (219) 924-5565
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 300 W. Wirth Road (219) 838-9612
First Baptist Church 324 N. Colfax Ave (219) 924-6820
First Christian Church 202 W. Pine (219) 924-6840
First United Methodist Church 400 W. 44th Place (219) 838-6900
Free Methodist Church 826 N. Lillian Ave (219) 924-7296
Griffith Baptist Church 826 N. Harvey Ave (219) 924-4022
Griffith Church of God 630 N. Jay Street (219) 923-1455
Griffith Evangelical Lutheran Church 1000 N. Broad Street (219) 838-1626
Hope Church 201 N. Griffith Blvd (219) 595-7495
Pilgrim Holiness Church of Griffith 425 S. Park Drive (219) 924-1556
Reed's Temple Church of God in Christ 1300 N. Broad Street (219) 972-0441
St. Mary Catholic Church 525 N. Broad Street (219) 924-4163
St. Timothy's Episcopal Church 1115 N. Cline Ave (219) 838-8379
True Light International Ministries 1257 N. Cline Ave (219) 923-7222
* for complete postal address, add Griffith, Indiana 46319 to the street address above.

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