Imagine Griffith Project



A fully coordinated and networked volunteer, project leadership and advocate communication support / system serving the Town of Griffith, its businesses and residents.

Mission Statement:

To assist in the creation of an improved quality of life for the residents of Griffith, through our internally led volunteer projects and programs, and our coordination of networked volunteer support,  project leaders and  advocates. This also includes creating and maintaining  improved communications for the various in-town events, activities, projects, programs, organizations  and businesses within the Town of Griffith.

We will effectively conduct our business, and establish lasting positive and coordinating relationships with our members, the town's citizens, Town Council and business', and other town volunteer and civic organizations, while at all times supporting and emulating a sense of community pride and progress. The Imagine Griffith initiative will serve as well as be accountable to the Town of Griffith and its residents.

your Imagine Griffith  Steering Committee:

Valerie Wotkun, Chairperson; (

Ken Karlstedt, Vice-Chairperson; (

Sonia Lively, Secretary;  (

The group meets the fourth Thursday of each month at the Franklin YMCA - Griffith Room, and all residents are invited to attend.

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111 North Broad Street
Griffith, IN 46319

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Phone: 219-924-7500
Fax: 219-922-3072

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Related Numbers
Name Phone Fax
Town of Griffith
Valerie Wotkun
Title: Chairman
Phone: 219-924-7500
Fax: 219-922-3072

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Kenneth Karlstedt
Title: Co-Chairman
Phone: 219-924-7500
Fax: 219-922-3072

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Sonia Lively
Title: Secretary
Phone: 219-924-7503
Fax: 219-922-3076

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