On October 7, 2008 the Griffith Town Council adopted Ordinance 2008-31. This ordinance authorizes the acceptance of utility bill payments via the automated clearing-house (ACH) network. This will allow the Town of Griffith Utility Billing Department to enter into an agreement with customers to automatically debit the customer's checking account. Town of Griffith utility bills are billed on or around the 5th of each month. The bills are due on or around the 20th of each month. The bills of customers that have elected the auto-pay feature will show the amount of the payment and the date the payment will be pulled from the customer's bank account. This will normally be done on the due date.

The Town of Griffith Clerk-Treasurer and the Utility Billing Staff are very pleased that this payment option is available for the residents of Griffith. Please contact us at (219) 924-7500 if you have any questions about this program. After a customer has signed up for the ACH payment option, the next billing cycle will be a pre-note or test of the customer banking information. The customer will still need to pay that bill. The billing cycle following a successful pre-note will be an actual direct payment of the customer account. It will say, "direct withdrawal - do not pay" on the bill. We would just like to remind you to account for this electronic payment in your check register.
Click the "Direct Payment Authorization Form" link to download the form in PDF Acrobat format.