Fire Department
Fire Department

Fire Department

The mission of the Griffith Fire Department is to save lives and protect property in the Town of Griffith, the immediate areas surrounding Griffith, and wherever the department may be dispatched to provide mutual aid and assistance. The Griffith Fire Department will at all times strive to maintain the highest standards of training and expertise with regards to Emergency Medical Response, Hazardous Material Response, Fire Suppression, and Rescue Operations. The Griffith Fire Department will promote the prevention of emergencies caused by fire, and other man-made or natural disasters. This will be accomplished through fire safety education and enforcement of relevant laws and ordinances.

Fire Department

Roy Schoon
Title: Fire Chief

Don HIll
Title: Deputy Chief

Martin Michels
Title: Batallion Chief

By Mail Or In Person
111 North Broad Street
Griffith, IN 46319

Office Hours

24 hours per day; 7 days a week

For Emergencies: Dial "9-1-1"

For Non Emergencies: Fire Dept. @ 219-924-7500

By Phone or Fax

Phone: 219-924-7500
Fax: 219-922-3072

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By E-Mail

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